First Kasukabe Defense Group Software

KDG's Folder Hider
This software can be used to make a folder in the desktop called MyFolder and it locks the folder with a password and then the folder vanishes. This software is 100% completely made by Abhishek Adhikari(author) usind MS-DOS programming language.
The steps to use it are:-
1) Download the software from link below.
2) Extract the rar files to a same folder.
3) Install the software by using KDG setup. Note:Using directly setup.exe can harm the software.
4) Now, follow thw steps in KDG setup.
5) After, installation start Abhishek's Hider form desktop. A folder "My Folder" will be formed.
6) Copy all the files to this folder to hide.
7) Again start Abhishek's Hider and press 'y' and enter then set password. Note:Trial users-after pressing y                                                                                                                         the folder will be locked.
                                                                                                                     Full users-After setting the                                                                                                                      password only the folder will hide.
8) Again start Abhishek's Hider and this time after typing password and pressing Enter the folder will be unlocked and start appearing. Note:Trial users-After starting Abhishek's hider the folder will get unlocked.
9) Repeat the above steps to Hide the folder again.

The key for Full version and updates will be announced soon.

Link to download-


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